41zero42 Pack White-Black 15×15


The simplicity of a ZIP code to identify
a place of belonging and all the values
that are related to it. A creative space,
which aims for excellence in ceramics,
the importance of his research and
its content. A language that is shaped
by the contamination of elements from
many different contexts.Industrial and
artisanal elements are mixed despire of
their different nature: a multitude of
interconnected languages bring to life a
new vest for architectural design.
An idea or a project needs to transmit and
convey content, a story. The stories – that
excite us, that we are passionate about and
that we try to tell – become the lifeblood
of our curiosity and creativity. Call us
storytellers, we will not be offended.

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Afmetingen15 × 15 × 1 cm